Job market placement

After several months I write again. One of the most important reasons for taking so long has been the job market process. As some of you may know, during the last year of our PhD studies we participate in a centralised process to access the job market. In particular, we apply to several institutions during autumn, wait for calls / e-mails to be interviewed in the ASSA meeting at the beginning of January, and then wait for calls /e-mails to be invited to the institutions for a day interview (fly-out). After the fly-out, it’s only a matter of whether they decide to make you an offer or not.

I have been extremely lucky and the Bank of England has offered me a position as PhD research economist. Moreover, I will be working in a very interesting group dedicated to ‘medium-term regulatory strategy’. I’ll explain more of the exact type of work that I do once I start, which won’t be until September. For now, I’m focused on finishing the thesis, in particular the second paper, and the last classes to teach. Because this is one good thing about working at a central bank: you don’t have to teach! Those of you who know me know that I don’t dislike teaching, I may even say that I enjoy it. What I dislike is all the bureaucracy attached to teaching. Whatever, these courses that I am teaching now will be the last ones for several years.

Later I may give you some tips for those of you facing the job market in the next years. But today, apart from the fact that I wanted to explain my placement, I also wanted to say that I’m back.

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