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The Quantum Bomb Experiment

I have been reading about the history of quantum theory and how this history has shaped the different interpretations of it. ‘Helgoland’, by Carlo Rovelli, ‘Quantum’, by Manjit Kumar, and ‘What is real?’, by Adam Becker, are excellent books that … Continue reading

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Rationality, by Steven Pinker

Whenever Steven Pinker, cognitive scientist at Harvard, publishes a book, one should buy it and read it. This is part of living a good life. His books are not easy, although the prose is clear and concise, but they provide … Continue reading

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Four Thousand Weeks, by Oliver Burkeman

Four Thousand Weeks is a book that leans against a recent trend—in non-fiction literature but also in podcasts and Youtube videos—in finding hacks to boost our productivity. It is not really an anti-productivity book. The central message is that the … Continue reading

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