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Rationality, by Steven Pinker

Whenever Steven Pinker, cognitive scientist at Harvard, publishes a book, one should buy it and read it. This is part of living a good life. His books are not easy, although the prose is clear and concise, but they provide … Continue reading

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The Scout Mindset, by Julia Galef

I have known about Julia Galef for a while, as she hosts the podcast Rationally Speaking. I have talked about this podcast in the past. She used to co-host it with Massimo Pigliucci, a philosopher and authors of several books, … Continue reading

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Abortion is a great example of a topic where the two sides argue from completely different perspectives. One side—pro-choice—argues that abortion is a private matter, and hence it is up to the woman to decide. The other—pro-file—claims that a fetus … Continue reading

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Rationally Speaking with Julia Galef

I am sometimes accused of overthinking things. I am still mulling over whether that accusation has merit (Julia Galef) Rationally Speaking is the podcast of New York City Skeptics and is hosted by Julia Galef, a writer and speaker on matters about … Continue reading

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