Rationally Speaking with Julia Galef

I am sometimes accused of overthinking things. I am still mulling over whether that accusation has merit (Julia Galef)

Rationally Speaking is the podcast of New York City Skeptics and is hosted by Julia Galef, a writer and speaker on matters about science and reason (wikipedia page here). I have just discovered this podcast recently but I have to recommend it right away.

Julia has a mix of skills that makes her a fantastic host for this type of podcast. She has a science background and is comfortable speaking with scientist and academics in different branches. Her scepticism is shown when she suggests alternative explanations to the assertions made by the guests. She does a lot of research on these guests and comes up with very interesting questions. And she does all this while speaking clearly and in terms a general audience can understand.

The episodes are usually around an hour long, which is perfect for discussing important topics without needing more than a day to listen to all of it. The last episode—and this is the reason why I decided to recommend it here—features Sarah Haider, co-founder of Ex-Muslims of North America. Two personal role models discussing issues regarding the work that EXMNA does, the possible trade-offs between nuance and activism, and free speech. A delight.

I do listen to several podcast, but just some episodes that I am interested in. Until now, there was only one that I never missed: Making Sense (formerly known as Walking Up) by Sam Harris. From now on, however, there is another one that I will listen religiously: Rationally Speaking, by Julia Galef.

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