Guess who’s back!

Yes, it’s me—as far as I know, Eminem is not launching a new record. Although, to be honest, I haven’t check. Let me see. Nope, Wikipedia doesn’t say anything about it.

So why was I gone? Because I was (still am) working at the Bank of England. And hence, it was not appropriate to be writing about papers. Also, I had a tone of work to do—yes, that’s the real reason… But things changed about a month ago, when I got an offer from Cass Business School to be a lecturer. I decided to take it, and I’ll be starting in a couple of months, give it or take.

This will give me much more time to read and write papers, which I am surely looking forward to. It will also allow me to write here regularly. The next post will then be next weekend. See you then!

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