Emerging scholars conference

The programme for the Emerging Scholars in Banking and Finance conference is complete! This conference, organised by the Centre for Banking Research at Cass—of which I am a member—brings together emerging scholars in banking and finance to present their papers. This year is the 6th edition. The submissions were very good, and hence the line-up looks excellent.

I will act as discussant for Ishita Sen‘s job market paper Limits to optimal hedging for financial institutions. I have known Ishita for a while now: we started the same day at the Bank of England, back in summer 2015. So I look forward to discussing her paper.

We have a couple of PhD students at Cass presenting their papers: Robin Tietz and Elisa Pazaj. I have found, in the past, that having a discussant can be extremely useful: our paper Securities trading by banks and credit supply: Micro-evidence from the crisis benefited enormously from Jeremy Stein‘s discussion (a bit off-topic here, but the keynote speech that Stein gave in this year’s EFA annual meeting was great). Therefore, I hope both Robin and Elisa find this experience beneficial.

We also have speakers from the Fed, IMF, St. Andrews, Bank of England, Bonn, BI Norwegian, etc. And a great line-up for discussants too. More information, including how to register, can be found here.

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