Why I am not writing, and why it is a mistake

It has been a while since my last post. I have wanted to publish more regularly but it somehow escapes my will. For instance, I have read several books—So you’ve been publicly shamed (Jon Ronson), Letters to a young contrarian (Christopher Hitchens), and The caged virgin (Ayaan Hirsi Ali)—and I have yet to write proper posts about them. I am almost certain I have identified the main reason—other than lack of time: I have a lot more to read, and I fast-think (system 1) that reading is a better use of my time. I think this is wrong—or that if I slow-think (system 2) I would arrive to a different answer. Here are the two main reasons I get when I slow-think:

Reason 1: writing (or, in general, discussing) about what you just read helps structure and solidify your thoughts, sometimes providing new insights that you had not thought about.

Reason 2 (and probably the most clear contrast between systems): I find reading far easier than writing, and hence I do need to practice writing much more if I want to get any better—which, needless to say, I want.

So all these fancy references to Daniel Kahneman are just to say that I will try to have a post a week from now on. We’ll see if system 2 can impose its will—although if history is any indication, I am all in for system 1.

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